Anaximander, Detailansicht in “Die Schule von Athen”, 1510/11. Public Domain

Anaximander was a philosopher from Miletus in Ancient Greece, who learned the teachings of Thales in the Milesian school.

Anaximander’s contributions spread across different disciplines, such as astrology and geometry. He is considered the first philosopher to use the word apeíron (ἄπειρον “infinite” or “limitless”). For this he is considered the first metaphysican. Although he did not explain precisely what he meant by the word, he associated it with the thing that all things come from.

In the area of cosmology, he was the first to put together a mechanical model of the world. In this model he thought the world to be a cylinder in shape, and the world to be floating without attachment in the centre of the ‘infinite’. This was pretty big considering the belief at the time.

Lastly, he is also considered to be the first person to draw a map of the world.

That’s my summary of learning about Anaximander. As last time I’ll leave you with something to look into – his belief that humans came from fish!

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